As a photographer, there are certain projects in your career that are unforgettable, and for us, one of those projects was photographing the new Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences Center at Florida Institute of Technology. With its state-of-the-art facilities, cutting-edge technology, and stunning architecture, this building is a masterpiece that every photographer dreams of capturing. Today, we’re excited to share our experience of what it was like photographing this breathtaking facility.

The first thing that struck us about the Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences Center was its sheer size. On the exterior, it’s a beautifully-crafted building that stands out amongst the other buildings at the Florida Institute of Technology. At a whopping 61,000 square feet, the interior of the facility seems to go on forever. The architects on this project, MelD Studio Architecture located in Melbourne, Florida, did an incredible job of blending modernity with functional style. We were thrilled to show the vastness of the building and its stunning beauty by using a variety of photography and videography techniques.

Inside the building, the facilities are a photographer’s dream. The state-of-the-art labs, classrooms, and student areas are brimming with natural light, providing every angle for a picture-perfect frame. While photographing the facility, we couldn’t help but admire the modern architectural design that seamlessly brings together comfort, function, and aesthetics. The color-infused interior brings additional interest to the images, and the highlights and shadows work well to emphasize the space.

A stunning glass atrium in the center of the building connects all 3 floors with a floating staircase along with communal gathering spaces. As photographers, one of our favorite aspects of this building was the amount of natural light provided at all angles. Floor to ceiling windows in the atrium were responsible for providing amazing views of the surroundings, perfect for showcasing the pristine landscaping amidst a sea of concrete buildings. While the natural light was a dream for photography, it was also a great feature for the building’s users to study, work, and socialize with a perfect view.

In conclusion, our experience of photographing the Gordon L. Nelson Health Sciences Center at the Florida Institute of Technology was truly special. The fantastic size, magnificent architecture, variety of hues, and amazing natural light all helped to make this building a photographer’s paradise. It’s an outstanding facility that will leave you in awe of its splendor and functionality. We’re grateful for this opportunity and we’re pleased to have had this experience.

Exterior twilight image of the FIT Health Sciences Center
Three-story atrium staircase at FIT Health Sciences Center
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