When it comes to attracting potential buyers or renters to your (or your clients’) property, striking visuals play a key role in capturing their attention and interest. Professional photos are a great way to showcase the beauty of the property and attract the right type of clientele. However, before the photographer arrives, it’s important to prepare and pay close attention to the details when doing so. Here are some helpful tips on how to prepare a property for professional photos.

How to Prepare the Interior of the Property for Photos:

The first step in preparing your property for professional photos is to ensure that it’s clean and tidy. Start with the windows. Clean the windows so they are completely clear and transparent without any smudges or markings. This will ensure that natural light comes in and helps showcase favorable views. Next, open window coverings, such as blinds, curtains, or drapes. Turning vertical and venetian blinds to their open position is ideal. This lets in natural light and shows off any views.

Remove any items that may be taped or otherwise fastened to the refrigerator. These items can distract from the property’s visual appeal. Also, remove everything from your sinks – sponges, brushes, rags and soap. This will allow buyers or renters to focus on features and not clutter. Remove what you can from all countertops such as bread, dishes, toothpaste, combs, soaps, food, toiletries, and hand towels. Everything should be entirely clean and open.

Tidy up the bedrooms as much as possible by making the beds and hiding all clothing and other items that may be lying around. Put away any and all children’s toys. Put them in storage containers, closets, cabinets, or any other location that is out of view. For homes with pets, remove any pet bowls, litter boxes, or toys in rooms that you plan to have photographed.

Put away any newspapers and magazines lying around the house. Place them on bookshelves or store them in drawers to maximize the property’s visual appeal. Make sure all light bulbs work and replace any broken lights. Clean light bulbs to remove dust. It is preferred that lighting is the same hue throughout.

How to Prepare the Exterior of the Property for Photos:

Clear the Driveway: One of the first things potential buyers will notice is the driveway. Make sure it is clear of any vehicles and avoid parking directly in front of the property. Instead, opt to park further down the street or in a garage if possible. This will enable the photographer to take a clear picture of the full property.

Hide Garden Tools: Clearing away garden tools and hoses will make your property look clean, organized, and well-maintained. Roll up or hide garden hoses and put away any garden tools. You would not want buyers to focus on the mess rather than the beauty of your property.

Hide Trash Containers: Gather all trash and put it in bins outside. Then, move all trash containers out of sight so that they are not visible during the photoshoot. You want to make sure that buyers focus on the beauty of your property rather than the garbage bin.

Improve the Landscape: Curb appeal is what drives buyers to book a viewing. Make sure the lawns are mowed and edged, weeds are pulled, and leaves are picked up. Not only will a well-maintained yard look great in photos, but it will also give buyers a clear idea of how easy it will be to maintain the property after buying it.

Clean Your Pool: If you have a pool, it’s important to make sure it’s clean and well-maintained. Remove any pool toys or floaties and temporarily take down any child fencing for the photoshoot. If you have a waterfall or spillway, turn it on to showcase its beauty.

Pro-tip During the Photoshoot:

Keep Pets and People Away! It is essential to keep pets and people out of the way to let the photographer do their job. A real estate photographer may need to take several shots to get the perfect angle, and the pets or people will be a distraction.

In conclusion, preparing your property for professional photos requires attention to detail, time, and effort – but the results are well worth it! An attractive and well-presented property can help potential buyers or renters envision themselves living there. Make sure that you declutter and clean up the interior and exterior of the property; this will help the photographer to capture the beauty of your property. By following these tips, you’ll be sure to capture the essence of your property through stunning professional photos.

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